Commercial Coatings - ExoAir 120 Vapor Barrier

Fluid-Applied Air & Vapor Barrier Membrane

Product Description:


ExoAir™ 120 Fluid-Applied Air & Vapor Barrier Membrane is a monolithic elastomeric membrane designed to be spray-applied to exterior above-grade walls to seal wall assemblies and prevent air nfiltration/exfiltration, vapor transmission and water penetration. ExoAir 120 is compatible with and part of a complete line of air barrier systems provided by Tremco under the ExoAir brand.

Basic Uses:

Studies show air leakage is a common cause of condensation, moisture accumulation and energy loss in exterior wall assemblies. ExoAir 120 combats these problems by adding a layer of protection to properly designed wall assemblies. This protection can improve energy efficiency by up to 40% and provide building occupants with increased comfort. It can also reduce the damaging effects of condensation, and the related risk of mold growth.

ExoAir 120 is a seamless, fully adhered air and vapor barrier. It is water-based, environmentally responsible and can be applied to damp or dry surfaces without the use of a primer. ExoAir™ 110 Self- Adhered Air & Vapor Barrier Membrane is used as a transition membrane into door and window openings and is designed for use with ExoAir 120. ExoAir 120 is compatible with ExoAir™ TWF - Through-Wall Flashing Membrane and other ExoAir™ Air Barrier System components.

Applicable Standards:

ExoAir 120 meets the most rigorous industry standards for air permeability:

ASTM E-2178-01 Standard Test Method for Air Permeance of Building Materials

Massachusetts State Building Code 780 CMR 13 Energy Conservation Requirements for the Building Envelope

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