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Stop Roof Leaks, Save Money and Energy


Why Replace 100% of Your Roof ... When Only 10% Is The Problem?


Stop roof leaks and save energy and money. Why replace your roof when roof maintenance will solve your roofing problems? Maintenance always provides you better value at less cost when performed on a timely basis.

Topps® Products bring together nearly 50 years and millions upon millions of square feet of experience providing contractors and building owners commercial roof coatings and repair products for restoring and renewing industrial roofs - metal, modified bitumen, felt, PVC, EPDM, concrete, PUF and Hypalon.

We are your local installer of the premier line of roof coatings, roof repair and building maintenance products. Our 100% rubber-based elastomeric roof coatings come in highly reflective white (as well as 11 other standard colors), which protect and cool roofs and can instantly reduce roof temperatures as much as 40%.

Topps Products is internationally recognized for its industrial roof maintenance systems.
Topps was named the #1 Roof Repair Product by professional roofers in a nationally conducted survey.

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